Hi, I am Eyup!

You can reach me via email at ea[at]eaydin.net

You can also get my CV in PDF format here.


My Work Experience

IVY Labs {Full Stack Developer} (Sept. 2019 — Current)

IVY Labs provides a payment system for therapists: making easy with dealing money and keeping records of the patients.

Finartz {Software Engineer} (Dec. 2018 — Sept. 2019)

Finartz is a modern payment system provider and counselor company. My contribution for Finartz was being a developer/counselor for a large e-commerce company.

OBSS - Yapi Kredi Bank {Software Developer} (July 2017 — Dec. 2018)

I have joined the OBSS (Open Business Software Solutions) and they referred me to the Yapi Kredi Bank as a Software Engineer and Associate Consultant in the field of internet banking of the company. I worked in the front-end of the internet interface of the bank.

PHI Tech Bioinformatics {PT Software Developer} (Nov. 2015 — June 2017)

We were working on a software that searches the articles about pathogen-host interactions and reports these. This way, we were trying to find some interactions that are not in the literature. We also created datasets about these topics with using public article portals like PubMed.

Gebze Technical University {Intern} (Aug. 2016 — Sept. 2016)

We enhanced an existing protein-protein interaction extractor tool and created a dataset for this specific task. This way, any further researcher can use this dataset to evaluate or train his/her own project. This project’s aim was finding information that does not in the bioinformatic literature yet.

PHI Tech Bioinformatics {Intern} (Aug. 2015 — Sept. 2015)

We developed a biomolecule interaction network which belongs to brain metabolism. There are some biomolecules and interactions which are known exist in brain network but not inserted to the network yet. We defined and inserted these to network structure.

Gebze Technical University {Tutor} (Feb. 2015 — June 2017)

Helping new students about computer science (data structures, architecture), programming languages (C, Python, Assembly) and Linux.

My Education

Computer Engineering {in Gebze Technical University} (Sept. 2013 — June 2017)

Graduated as 3rd.

Honors & Awards

In November 2017 we (Delta Team) participated the ING Hackathon and finished as the 2nd best group. We developed an AR application that was aimed to help teachers to teach with the help of their smart phone. Here I demonstrate the project.